Time for your mental health

Do you know the feeling of rushing from one appointment to the next and ending up exhausted on the couch in the evening? In a world char­ac­terised by performance and social pressure, many feel drained and exhausted. The constant state of stress leads to a burden known as “Mental Load.”

Living mental health every day

Every year, Mental Health Day (this year on October 10, 2024) reminds us to take a break for ourselves. However, we should not limit mental health to just one day but prioritize it throughout the entire year.

The questions we should ask ourselves are, what can we do specifically for our mental health and how can we establish routines in our everday lives for this purpose?

Taking time each day to consciously unwind should become a habit like brushing our teeth. There are already numerous tips on how to give ourselves more mind­fulness.

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Six tips for your mental health routine

Many already lead an active lifestyle. Others see sport and exercise more as a chore that needs to be done. Taking time for yourself is not something you have to earn but something you should practice daily. To support you, we have come up with six tips on how to consciously get outdoors.

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The best medicine – outdoor exercise

Exercise is considered the greatest cure-all. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, providing it with more oxygen and increasing the growth of new nerve cells in certain regions of the brain. Addi­tionally, various neur­o­trans­mitters, such as endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, are released more frequently. Numerous studies show that outdoor exercise in particular, is bene­ficial for health, reduces stress, and allows the body and mind to regenerate.

It doesn’t always have to be a mountain or the big lake. A small park or your own garden already is enough.

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Coaching for your mental health

There are many ways to establish routines for mental health and to consciously engage in outdoor activities. External support from an exper­ienced coach can be partic­ularly helpful in this regard. They can provide targeted assistance and guidance on how to become more mindful in daily life.
One such coach is our LOWA-Active athlete Erwinsch Schottler. For years, Erwin has been leading “walking talks, ” “walk­shops®, ” and many other incentive oppor­tunities. These always take place outdoors, mostly in the forest. The credo for the coached hikes is as simple as it is ingenious: Without technical aids such as smart­phones or laptops, parti­cipants focus on other aspects and auto­mat­ically become more mindful and attentive to nature. With Erwin and your enjoyment backpacks, you will experience that hiking is more than just putting one foot in front of the other.

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